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Tux rentals

Going to Prom? Getting Married? Have an Extra-Special Event to attend?

1.  Visit the Jim’s Formal Wear webpage.
     -Create an account
     -Design a tuxedo for everyone in your party
     -Select Stitches Embroidery as your vendor
     -Have each person in your party stop by Stitches for measurements. (Out of town clients please call for instructions)
     -Receive 10% off your full tuxedo rental!*
2. Visit the Jim’s Formal Wear webpage.
     -Select the Build-A-Tux option
     – Build the tux of your choice and print it off
     -Bring in your page and receive $10 off your full tuxedo rental!*
Must be a full tuxedo – jacket, pants, shirt, tie, vest, and shoes.
To receive the discount, you must design your tux online using our ‘Create Event’ feature.

We will offer 10% off anything less than a full tux rental if the setup is done online!

If we measure you in-store and the tux doesn’t fit when it arrives, we will pay to have a new tux shipped. That is the Stitches Guarantee! *time restrictions apply

We cannot guarantee a fit if your measurements are sent in rather than taken in-house. However, you can opt to have a new size shipped before the event. (Shipping fee at customer’s expense) Time restrictions apply.
We require half the balance down to place your order. The remaining balance is due at the time of rental. A Credit Card is required to be on file in case of lost, stolen, non-returned, or damaged items.

If you order within 14 days of your event, shipping is FREE!
Discount only applies to customers that use the online “Build a Tux” or “Create an Event”
Tux rentals are for the time of the event only! All tux rentals are due back MONDAY by noon, following a weekend event. If any part of your rental is not returned by noon, Monday; you will be charged a $25 late fee per day.  After 7 days of late fee’s and the rental is still not returned you will be charged additional for the entire retail price of the missing product.